Volunteers Program at Finca Sagrada

We welcome farming students, graduates, or anyone who wants to experience life in a sacred space and learn some sustainable farming. 

The Finca Sagrada Volunteer program is an opportunity to witness the life of a community that operates at a level of unity consciousness of love, plus practicing farming skills in the area of your interest.

Finca Sagrada is not only a place to learn farming, it is also a lifetime experience to witness first hand how a community can live in harmony with other people and nature.

The Program

After reading this, you will know if this place is for you.

1- Your farming time will be four hours daily, from Monday to Friday, in the mornings, with Saturdays and Sundays free.

2- The tasks you will do will be chosen with you, considering your goals and preferences.

3- You will be part of the community lunch times, where everyone on the farm breathes, receives, celebrates, shares and consolidates the spirit of community. Food is great here!

4- We rotate do make breakfast and dinner. The more volunteers are there at a given moment, the less times a week you will be asked to prepare these meals.

5- Depending on your interest, you will also have the opportunity to learn concepts on Biodynamic farming or about different skills that community members have.

6- At all times there will be someone ready to help you and to take care of you!

7- You will sleep in walk-in tents. They have beds, bedding and mosquito nets.

8- As an added value, you will have the option to attend the workshops we do, except in cases when the number of attendees is limited.

9- You have hot water and high speed wi fi in the community house.

10 -The monthly fee you will be expected to cover is 300USD. Partial scholarship is available to those who qualify.

11- If after your stay, the land whispers "Stay!" and you don't have any particular educational needs, there are options to be explored. Depending on the value of your contribution and the current needs of the farm, we are open to co create a win-win arrangement with you. 

12- You will be immersed in a sacred space with lots of possibilities to connect with Mother Nature, remember, be nourished and recover. Walking, playing, dancing, listening to life, sharing in circle are a few ways.  The House of Original Thought is a powerful place for connecting to the universe and stars through silence, drumming or sharing.

13- Keep in mind that the general vibe of Finca Sagrada, while it is cheerful and positive, is pretty much a space of contemplation and reconnection with nature. Alcohol is not forbidden but it is required moderation while consuming it. 

14- The Community who lives here, though not religious, is very spiritual. We hold hands and say grace every day before lunch, and do 6am ceremony to honor the Sun rising.

15- Finca Sagrada is very remote. Vilcabamba is a lovely day trip starting with a scenic walk to Tumianuma to catch the bus. (approximate travel time is 90 min). Or you can walk an amazing trail (3-4 hours). Vilcabamba offers most conveniences you might want for snacks and personal items.  

16- The finca offers magical nights that are intensely starry. The fireflies (very abundant here) make it an unforgettable night show.

Where to apply

We have limited spaces for this program. To apply, please complete the application form here .  If you have questions, you can contact Riki at whatsapp or telegram +593999483051 or to sacredlandfarm@gmail.com.