Finca Sagrada's Center
for Integrative Thought

A common theme among many First Nation oral traditions in both North and South America is the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor.

It says that the arrival of Europeans to America started a period of 500 years that would be characterized by a division between the World of the Eagle (the North, rationalist, individualist, masculine, dominant) and the Condor (the South, intuitive, community, feminine, cooperative). After this period of 500 years of oppression, reconciliation will occur, and thought would integrate.

Finca Sagrada's aligns to the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor by hosting workshops, classes and symposia, where science and spirituality are integrated into an interpretation of humans as inter dimensional beings connected with the Divine, and at the same time with the Earth and their Human dimension.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."       - Buckminster Fuller

Our Vision

Science has lost its connection with consciousness. The Cartesian principle of separation of science and religion started a process in which science got segmented, and limited its spectrum to only what can be touched, seen or measured.

The spirit of science is longing to reconnect with its search with the deeper purpose of life. A lot of knowledge is taught because it serves established business models, and is fragmented information, disconnected with the real dilemmas of the Human condition. This applies to Health, Psychotherapy, Agriculture, Nutrition, Education, Economy, Energy, Construction to name a few.

Universities and Scientific journals do not recognize a vast number of events that occur at non physical levels only because they are not replicable and not very easily measurable.   

The spirit of science is longing to connect to its original evidence-based principle. It's more important than ever to open spaces of free discussion of a new, integrative understanding of reality. 

Science has to recover its connection with the Spirit.  That is what we call Science with a Consciousness. This is how we understand the encounter of the Eagle and the Condor.

Classes and Symposia

What we do is targeted to people of any age who want to learn a sustainable, coherent and responsible way to live. Our offer is a very unique selection of essential knowledge to adapt to the big changes coming in the World. Any Methodology, Practice, Technology or Information that can help people reach their highest potential.

Social evolution. To make our habitability more efficient and healthier

  • Biodynamic Agriculture

  • Permaculture

  • Bioconstruction

  • Conscious Cooking

  • Parents' education

  • Integral Nutrition

  • Superfood elaboration

  • Advanced Exercise Trainings

  • Nonviolent communication

    Personal evolution. To heal - transcend mind/body/soul

      • Yoga

      • Gestalt

      • Inner Child Healing

      • Family Constellations

      • Trauma healing

      • Art Therapies

      • Unconscious Mind Reprogramming

      • Sound Healing

      • Meditation techniques

      • Evolutionary Astrology

      • Embodied Leadership

    Pure Sciences

      • Consciousness Studies

      • Theories of Everything (TOEs)

      • Epigenetics

      • Economics

      • Really Alternative Energy

      • Anthroposophy

      • Revised Archaeology

      • Terrain Theory vs. Germ Theory

      • Astrogeomancy

    Anyone who is seriously interested in the pursuit of Science becomes convinced that a Spirit is Manifest in the Laws of the Universe -A Spirit vastly superior to man. And one in the face of which our modest powers must seem humble   -Albert Einstein

    Upcoming Activities