The House of Original Thought, one of the Portals of Finca Sagrada

Susan Davis Moora

How the Kogi elders came to have us build a House of Original Thought on our farm was truly a miracle. We didn't even know the land was an ancient sacred site when we bought it and only found that out when our psychic friend from France, Martine Sweeney, came to visit once we'd built the farm's Community Center. As soon as she set foot on the property, she experienced children from prehistory in Vedic times come to greet her and take her to see their Mystery School. It turned out there was a women's spiritual center with a ceremony site and housing by the river on the southern boundary of our farm and a men's spiritual center with a ceremonial site and housing by the river on the northern boundary. Miraculously, enough of that has been preserved that the Kogi knew they had to come and do ceremony here.

This also inspired the Kogi to have us build a replica of their spiritual house on a mountain in northern Colombia. Walter and our Community member Cristian Ojeda went to learn how and then replicated it here with all-natural local materials. Not a piece of metal was used, and all the work was done by hand. When done, the Kogi said that the two wooden antennas on the top of the building were the way they would communicate with us. I laughed at that inside myself when I heard it until the first morning when we did an Agni-Hotra ceremony, as we've done every morning since.

When I got in one of the hammocks they taught us to use, I started getting direct transmissions from the Kogi of exactly what I am to do and say that day…and every day after. Thus I was not surprised when I was invited into a global network called "Future Capital," which has the mission that captures my own life mission: "We are developing globally conscious economies that are good for all life." I'm on the steering committee and love every minute of it.

Another amazing part of the story is that when the Kogi blessed the start of our building, they held a ceremony and started a fire in the middle of the House. I'd invited 16 friends from around the world to be present and the Kogi looked around at them all and then at Walter and said with a happy smile, "This fire is never allowed to go out!" We were aghast because our farm is in the middle of a sacred valley with no road through it…just the road that ends at our farm halfway through the valley with only about 15 families.

With Agni Hotra ceremonies at sunrise and other visitations, the House is full of life. Our indigenous partners do ceremony on the important native holiday, visitors, students and residents meditate there frequently, special talks are given and farm members have important conversations there. The fire uses only wood of fallen trees and branches. The House is the true center of Sacred Land Farm.