Finca Sagrada, July 7-13

Biodynamic Farm Workshop in the mountains of Ecuador

Biodynamics has been coined as the "Agriculture of the Future." 

Learn its secrets at a Paradise Farm in Ecuador's southern Andes 

In this 6-day retreat, in the beautiful mountains of southern Ecuador, we will weave, through ceremony, classes and private time, how we can again live in harmony with nature. 

You will learn to reconnect with the spiritual essence of the Earth and her host of unseen beings.

You will experience how the members of the Finca Sagrada community steward this sacred site, combining ancient indigenous traditions with modern esoteric knowledge based on biodynamic farming.

In the mornings you will learn how to build vibrant soils that will grow healthy food. In addition to the Biodynamic preparations, we will use techniques such as bio-char, tea sprays and bacterial inoculations.

In the afternoons there will be lectures on biodynamic principles.

These principles include the biodynamic preparations that open the soil to the spiritual formative forces of the stars and planets. You will be working with the planting calendar, based on the moon moving through the constellations of the zodiac and working with the elemental and nature spirits of the landscape.

A 6-day experience in Vilcabamba, Ecuador's Valley of Longevity

Vilcabamba is one of those places in the world where pure nature blends with a conscious community. This is a place of longevity, thanks to its unique weather and the quality of its water.

Who is this Workshop for?

  • Agriculture experts who want to know the science of Sustainable Farming.
  • Students who want to complement their academic preparation.
  • Amateur farmers who want to dive deep into their passion.
  • Community Leaders who want to learn useful survival techniques.
  • Curious souls of all ages who want to have a lifetime experience.

This course is for you if... have always thought that it's possible to live in a better World, in harmony with nature and in high integrity, aligned with the divine forces in your center.

What people say...

Testimonials about Finca Sagrada

Finca Sagrada is located in a wonderful valley, and I was stunned everyday by the beauty of the place.
Walter and Susan are incredibly genuine and nice people with lots of fascinating stories.

- Lionel, 2019

On Finca Sagrada you will be able to learn a lot about biodynamics and spirituality. Daily differing tasks as well as general chores like animal care, milking the cows, watering gardens and cooking make work seem more like community contributions.
We enjoyed the best home-cooked foods and a mix of lovely and open people.

- Christian, 2019

I deeply appreciate the existence of this place in the world of ever growing wisdom, faith, love and food. I deeply appreciate the opportunity that Universe gave me to stumble into it. All the knowledge about biodynamic farming mixed with local tribal ancient Ecuadorian methods that I received from this Sacred Place are priceless.
In general, every single little thing that I received here knows no comparison in terms of generosity and purity of hearts.

- Ivanna, 2019

There is something very magical in this Finca. There is a spirit house, a perfect place to meditate, sing mantras or just watch the fire. If you like remote places, spirituality, nature, animals and good-pure-organic food, this is definitely your place. You have an opportunity to learn about permaculture, milk cows, make cheese and yogurt, take care of goats and chickens.

- Hannah, 2019

This was a beautiful cultural exchange in a beautiful place with even more beautiful people. I admire both Susan and Walter immensely and find their life projects sorely needed, inspirational, and within the parameters of my idea of what a workaway should be: cultural exchange, reciprocity, consciousness, community, and also a kind of educational experience too for those looking to learn about farming for instance. Thank you once again, a warm embrace to the coolest and kindest couple, guardians, and rare humans whom we care deeply for.

- Jorge + Stephanie, 2'019

There was some digging, weeding, fixing the water system, taking care of the animals, watering the plants and so on. Furthermore, we were so pleased to enjoy meals and sing all together around the table. During our free time we experimented in the kitchen, read, laughed with the dogs, listened to Walter's lessons on biodynamics, refreshed ourselves in the river, played Phase 10 and had time to reflect about our lives.

- Vladimir+Stelphanie, 2019

A really real farm with all the fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, plants, cows, chickens, geese, donkeys, goats, dog (Goldie was the perfect dog) and cats, mountains, river and stream, fire and fireflies. I ate really really good everyday. I can't describe the happiness of collecting vegetables and cooking them for lunch or starting day by drinking fresh milk. I loved there.

- Mahsul, 2019

Activity Schedule

Every day is different during the workshop, but in general terms this will be a typical day.

6.10 am. Agni Hotra ceremony in the spirit house. (optional for early risers)

7.45 am. Breakfast

8.45 am Circle ceremony

9.30 am Work in the gardens ( teaching how to make garden beds, planting, compost making, biochar etc. )

11.00 am Break and snack

12.30 am. Lunch

3.00 pm lecture

4.30 pm free time. ( take a walk, swim, meditate in the Spirit House)

6.00 pm Dinner

7.30. lecture or discussion or drumming in the Spirit house

The Lectures

During the workshop you will receive these lectures:

  • - Introduction to a Biodynamic Farm, a place between Heaven and Earth
  • - The Biodynamic preparations
  • - Working with the elemental beings
  • - The archetypes of plants incarnated into the physical matter and the planning calendar, based on the movement of stars and planets

About Your Teacher

Walter Moora has been a biodynamic farmer for more than fifty years on four continents. He and his wife Susan bought Finca Sagrada sixteen years ago.

Walter has always had a passion to work with the spiritual formative forces of the universe, including our unseen helpers, the elemental and nature spirits of the land.

When Walter and Susan found out that Finca Sagrada was an ancient sacred site, and the Kogi indigenous offered to reactivate it, they were all in.

Recently they changed the ownership from sole proprietors to an LLC which has allowed Finca Sagrada to grow into a community.

To find out more about Walter, you can buy his book "A Farmers Love" available on Amazon

The course will be dictated by Walter and other experienced farmers from the Community.

Finca Sagrada is an intentional community with the Mission to contribute to the Awakening of the Collective Consciousness of the Planet.

What you will learn in this Course

In this course, you will:

  • Know how to use the Biodynamic calendar to maximize efficiency and fertility.
  • Prepare the basic Biodynamic formulas, with practice on the land.
  • Understand the underlying nature of the land, and the cosmic forces that affect farming.
  • Learn elemental homesteading skills.
  • See a thriving intentional community in action.
  • Recover your faith that a better world is possible.

Experience a Farm Community that combines Ancient Indigenous Wisdom with Biodynamic Farm Practices


6-Day Course Tuition

Includes all lectures, walks, work materials and 3 meals a day.


6-night accommodation in your own tent

The farm has amazing spots to put your tent.


  • Early bird discount till March 31st with 15% discount.
  • Partial scholarships available, for those who qualify. Contact us.

To see lodging options, see section Lodging in the Starseeders' Encounter page

The 6-day Biodynamics Course will be offered during the Starseeders Encounter at Finca Sagrada, two months of transformational activities. Learn more about it here