Finca Sagrada invites you to a

Starseeders Encounter

Vilcabamba, Ecuador - May 19 to June 23, 2024

A gathering of ideas and creativity in Ecuador, focused around the Shift in Consciousness happening across the planet. 

Offering Astrogeomancy and Biodynamic Agriculture courses, Summer Solstice celebrations, ceremonies and ancient wisdom shared by indigenous elders, drumming circles, live music, star walks, round table discussions for the New World, indigenous travel, trips to the Amazon and more.

Why Starseeders?

At Finca Sagrada we identify ourselves as Guardians of a Sacred Space. The elders from the Kogi tradition have baptised Finca Sagrada as Sharua, literally "The place where the Stars were Seeded on Earth". 

Starseeding also refers to the alchemical union of Heaven and Earth sought by astrogeomantic and biodynamic practices implemented throughout Finca Sagrada.

Calendar of Activities

Detailed Calendar

Extended Astrogeomancy Immersion Course


May 20 to May 28

Full Moon drum circle at the House of original thought

An encounter with the Original sounds of the Earth.

May 24 (Friday)

Astrogeomancy Introductory Talk

A free event to be hosted in Vida Verde, Vilcabamba,

May 28 (Tuesday)

Extended Astrogeomancy Immersion Course

May 31 to June 6

New Moon drum circle at the House of original thought

Dancing with our Shadows to Incorporate them.

June 7 (Friday)

7pm - 10pm

Solstice Ceremony

Offered by Mama Fani, Medicine Woman from the Kichwa Nationality.

June 21 (Fri)


Full Moon drum circle at the House of original thought

Inti Raymi alignment. Drumming the Spirit of Community.

June 21 (Friday)

7pm - 10pm

Panel discussion -Intentional Communities and Indigenous Wisdom

What can new models of social organization learn from the Indigenous?

June 22 (Sat)

10am - 12pm

Cinema under the stars: "Aluna, the story of the Kogis"

Aluna means Consciousness. Filmed by Kogis.

June 23 (Sun)

7pm - 10pm

All the activities will be held at Finca Sagrada, an Idylic Biodynamic Farm located in Ecuador's Southern Andes. 

About Finca Sagrada

Finca Sagrada is an Intentional Community and a Center for Integrative Thought. For 15 years it has been a Biodynamic Farm. The place is a magical mini valley of astonishing beauty.

Finca Sagrada has been designated as Sacred Land, an ancient ceremonial place, considered a portal to higher realms, consecrated by Kogi Mamos (sacred priests), indigenous shamans from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Colombia), who have performed sacred rituals and authorized the building of a structure known as the House of Original Thought, the presence of which deeply enhances visitors' connection to the sacred in nature. 

As keepers of sacred lands, we are in service to Earth and we are living in reciprocity with her bounty. We are building a community that honors the sacredness of the land and supports the diversity of its members, allowing us to experience and practice a flow of generosity, and to find our true roles as co-creators of life on Earth.

Finca Sagrada, May & June 2024

Astrogeomancy Courses

Astrogeomancy is a new field of study developed by Xavier de la Huerga. It is a reconstruction of the ancient science that was used to build stone circles, pyramids and cathedrals. It considers the subtle influences of the Cosmos and the Earth in habitable spaces, the environment and the human soul. Astrogeomancy combines exact sciences and the intuitive worldview of our ancestors to develop a capacity to hear and understand the silent voice of the Cosmos.


Xavier de la Huerga (Spain, 1963), creator of Astrogeomancy and founder of the Aula Misterica Institute.

3-day course

A weekend of initiation, including laying out the foundation of an astrogeomantic structure on Finca Sagrada.

9-day course

This is a deep immersion experience with plenty of practical work and advanced teachings. There will be two immersive courses.


Finca Sagrada is a biodynamic farm located in VIlcabamba, a magical valley in Ecuador's southern Andes.

Solstice Celebration

For Inti Raymi (Summer Solstice) Finca Sagrada will host a ceremony with First Nation Taitas Elders and other events. Try to extend your trip to this date.

Star Walks

The night sky at the latitude of Ecuador offers unique stunning views. Courses include Star Walks outdoors astronomy sessions.

Astrogeomancy can be integrated with permaculture designs, regenerative agriculture, bio-construction, biodynamic agriculture, Wilhelm Reich's orgon technology or Viktor Schauberger's approach.

Finca Sagrada, June 21-23, 2024

Inti Raymi Weekend

A weekend of ceremonies, drum circles, round tables and documentaries under the stars.

Inti Raymi Ceremony. Offered by Offered by Nancy Santi Aranda, Medicine Woman of Kichwa Nationality. This year the lunar cycle is at its peak and the full moon is synchronized with the Solstice, bringing intense energies.
June 21 (Friday) - 11am-12pm

Community Pambamesa. With food from the farm. If you want to bring something prepared, let us know.
June 21 (Friday) - 12:30pm

Full moon drum circle at the House of Original Thought. Inti Raymi Alignment. Drumming the Spirit of Community.
June 21 (Fri) - 7pm to 10pm

Roundtable - Intentional Communities and Indigenous Wisdom: What can new models of social organization learn from indigenous people?
June 22 (Sat) - 10am - 12pm

Cinema under the stars: Aluna, the story of the kogis. June 23 (Sun) 7pm - 10pm


The Milky Way's nightly display at this time of the year in Ecuador features its spectacular central bulge - the Galactic Centre (GC)- high in the sky. The GC is the heart of our Mother Galaxy, our greater home beyond the Earth and the Solar System. It is the source of forces that transcend the physical realm and reach out into the spiritual, inviting you to experience a direct, profound understanding of your relationship to the cosmos. During the astrogeomancy courses and the Inti Raymi celebrations we will hold Star Walks, guided naked-eye astronomy sessions across the deep skies, with astro-mythological storytelling. Being in the middle of nowhere, the night skies at FInca Sagrada are the best for Stargazing.

A trip to the Amazon?

Finca Sagrada is a hub for contacts with communities and activists. From here, you'll be able to arrange a trip to the Amazon jungle directly with the movers and shakers of the Jungle. Ecuador is a world leader in community-managed travel. There are amazing projects where you can support local communities that fight to protect their ancestral lands from oil and industrial agriculture. 


If you want to put your own tent in one of the many beautiful fields of Finca Sagrada, the cost is US$3 per person, which gives you access to the bathrooms and high speed wifi. If you want more comfy options, check these out:

Private Room at the Community House. We have only two rooms, each one sleeps 2, they share one bathroom. Mountain view is $50 per night double occupancy and the Susan's Garden view is $40 per night double occupancy. 

Walk in tent at Finca Sagrada. We have two tents that fit two beds each with bedding and mosquito nets. $10 per person/night based in double occupancy (meaning that if you travel solo, you might share with someone else). 

Stay at local family's home. Tumianuma is our neighboring community, located at 30-40 minutes walking distance (no car transit). Some families are equipped to host you in a private room with shared bathroom. Have a real experience and support the local economy. $10 per person/night.

Vilcabamba hotels/hostels. There are a few good options, ranging from $7 dorms or $20 doubles to $80 doubles. All the options we'll recommend are nice. Price varies upon services and level of comfort.  Consider the taxi ride ($25) Vilcabamba-Finca Sagrada. Alternatively, buses run to Tumianuma neighboring community (30-40 min walking distance). 

* If you stay at a tent, you will have access to an outside lavatory, a compost toilet and outdoor showers. There is only one bathroom in the community house, for use of those staying there. 

About Vilcabamba

Vilcabamba is a warm valley located in the Southern Andes of Ecuador. The valley has a year-round spring weather. During the dry season, when the encounter takes place, the skies will be unforgettably starry.

Vilcabamba is a friendly welcoming place with an international community, a hub of talented creative types and alternative lifestyle, with spectacular landscapes and a magical feel to it.

Questions? Write us!