Finca Sagrada, May & June 2024

Astrogeomancy Courses

Astrogeomancy is a new field of study developed by Xavier de la Huerga. It is a reconstruction of the ancient science that was used to build stone circles, pyramids and cathedrals. It considers the subtle influences of the Cosmos and the Earth in habitable spaces, the environment and the human soul. Astrogeomancy combines Exact Sciences and the Intuitive Worldview of our ancestors to develop a capacity to hear and understand the silent voice of the Cosmos.

Extended Astrogeomancy Immersion Course


May 20 to May 28

Astrogeomancy Introductory Talk

A free event to be hosted in Vida Verde.

May 28 (Tue)

Extended Astrogeomancy Immersion Course

May 31 to June 8

Weekend Astrogeomancy Initiation Course

June 14, 15, 16

Astrogeomancy synthetizes knowledge from Astronomy, Numerosophy, Music Theory, Sacred Geometry, Sacred Metrology, Calendar Science, Alchemy and Astro-Mythology, into the unified whole that it used to be thousands of years ago.

An essential science lost in time

This transdisciplinary fusion of science, art and spirituality was practiced by the high megalithic cultures and their descendants for the planning, location and construction of settlements. This fusion helps to determine the dimensions and orientation of dolmens, pyramids, temples and monuments, to design their calendars, rituals and ceremonies, as well as all kinds of objects. 

In this way, our ancestors aligned their societies and their lives with profound principles, in resonance with the cosmic environment of the Earth. 

Other influences include mysterious geometric and mathematical correspondences, vibratory architecture of music and the archetypes that inhabit the microcosm of the human soul.

What will you learn with Astrogeomancy?

During these courses you will...

∆ Learn in practice and apply to your designs, what is the Golden Ratio, Vesica Piscis, Quadrature of the Circle, Tetraktis, the Soli-Lunar Magic of the Pythagorean Triangles, as well as other elements and philosophical principles of Sacred Geometry.

∆ Build a clinometer and learn how to use it in conjunction with a compass and a free astronomy program to calculate stellar alignments and positions, predict the rising and setting of stars, conduct mapping and surveying, and integrate astrogeomantic concepts into your projects.

∆ Understand the recent discoveries in Neuroscience concerning the functioning of the cerebral hemispheres and illuminating the mystery of the ancestral cosmovision that was based on a form of awareness where perception of oneself is experienced (not intellectualized) as inseparable from the Cosmos.

∆ Explore the geo-spiritual function of megalithic monuments and their historical legacy. The tremendous astrogeomantic and architectural sophistication of Carnac, Stonehenge, Sacsayhuaman, Baalbek, Gobekli Tepe, Puma Pumku, Avebury, the Great Pyramid of Egypt and other structures.

∆ Create an astrogeomantic structure both on paper and on the ground. Learn the basics of energetic harmonization and symbolic alignment of inner and exterior spaces.

∆ Get introduced to the complex and precise system of ancient sacred metrology. Its mysterious internal structure reveals that it is a natural numerical system, not invented, but discovered. Its practical application compliments perfectly with sacred geometry.

Weekend Course Schedule

Day One

Welcome and Introduction. Short Group Ceremony


1 - Introduction to Astrogeomancy. What is Astrogeomancy? Origins in prehistory and continuation throughout history. From Lascaux caves to the Gothic Cathedrals. The Quadrivium: Why Geometry, Arithmetics, Music and Astronomy were taught together as "The Fourfold Path".

2 – Experiential and Visual Introduction to Astronomy. Geocentric, heliocentric and anthropocentric astronomy. Solstices, equinoxes and the seasons. Earth cycles; precession and obliquity of the ecliptic. The solar system. The year as a wave function. Lunar cycles.


3 – The Lunation Triangle. Stonehenge; precision orientation and placement. Calendrical functions. The bluestones mystery. The station stones. The 5-12-13 pythagorean triangle and its transposition onto geodetic scale. Cyclopean geometric alignments on the British and French geography. Group discussion, implications and conclusions.


4 – Clinometer build and Stellarium astronomy software introduction. Building your own clinometer and using it in conjunction with a magnetic compass and Stellarium to find out about astronomical events both in the future and in the past. Teamwork.

5 – Video watch on the role of the right and left brain hemispheres. Relevance to Astrogeomancy. Comments and questions. Dot-joining; making connections with content learnt during the day.


6 – Star Walks. Check on clinometer prediction work, naked-eye practical astronomy methods. Astro-mythology story-telling.

Day Two


1 – The Bicameral Mind. Latest discoveries in neurophysiology. Understanding the mystery of the ancient mind and its attending perception of reality. Exploring the root of modern societies' dysfunctionality. The restoration of the Anima Mundi; an alchemical path to the regeneration of the World and its Soul. Reverse-engineering the ancient mode of unified perception.

2- Sacred Calendars and World Ages. Precession and the Great Year cycle. The place of the Solar system in the Milky Way. The Silver Gate of the Mortal and the Golden Gate of the Gods. Galactic Seasons.


3 – Astro-mythology, Astrology and Archetypes. What is astro-mythology? The need for metaphorical and symbolic language. Planetary Archetypes. Astro-mythological roots of religion. Archetypal embodiment.

4 – Introduction to the Labyrinth. Difference between a labyrinth and a maze. Prehistory and history of the labyrinth. The Minotaur myth. The Tsakonikos snake dance. Notre Dame de Chartres and other examples of functioning labyrinths. How to design and construct a labyrinth.


5 – Labyrinth Construction. Choosing the site and establishing the axis to align the labyrinth with astrogeomantic coordinates. Teamwork. Labyrinth walk and dedication ceremony.

Day Three


1 – Harmonic Architecture of Music. The sevenfold order and the octave. Archetypal patterns in music and their interpenetration with number, geometry, alchemy, astronomy and the calendar. Pythagoras' Music of the Spheres and Kepler's Harmony of the World. Cymatics. The sacred twelve, the chromatic scale and the zodiac, the Greek Amphyctiones, social and political order aligned to Archetypal Cosmic Order.

2 – Sacred Metrology. Newton and the Sacred Cubit. The cracking of the ancient metrological system; a numerical code. Geodetic harmonics, the size and the shape of the Earth as source of measure. Anthropocosmic nature of the system of ancient metrology. Astronomic and musical correspondences. Sacred metrology in megalithic monuments.


3 – The True, the Good and the Beautiful. Initiation into Sacred Geometry. The symbolic phylosophy of sacred geometry. The Golden Ratio. Geometric patterns in biology. Geometry in the Solar System. Multidimensional numbers. The hidden geometry in the landscape. Is there an Earth grid?


4 – Drawing exercises; the pentagram and the Golden Ratio. The Vesica Piscis and the biblical story of the 153 fishes. Pythagorean triangles. The New Jerusalem Diagram. The Tetraktys. Integral relation between sound, light and geometry. Angles and Angels. Creatively applying sacred geometry to your designs.

Beyond this living bubble we call Earth, there is beauty, harmony and order of a transcendental magnitude. We are not isolated from this cosmic order, the Earth's protective atmospheric and electromagnetic membrane is permeable. Through solar, lunar and stellar light, cosmic rays, gravitational waves from the galactic center, tides, geomagnetic storms... in addition to other less measurable influences that belong to the more subtle dimension of morphogenetic resonance; our interdependence with the exoplanetary environment is obvious, but it is constantly overlooked. 

Astrogeomancy and Permaculture

Both permaculture and astrogeomancy are based on the observation of nature. While permaculture focuses on the behavior of Earth's ecosystems and "listens to the land", astrogeomancy looks at the patterns of our Cosmic neighbourhood and "listens to the sky". 

The integration of astrogeomancy with permaculture results in designs imbued with a spiritual dimension, symbolically and conceptually meaningful and aligned to the cosmic archetypes that live within us and shape our world.

About the Teacher

Xavier de la Huerga is the founder and director of Aula Misterica, an educational organization dedicated to the research, recovery and dissemination of ancient astrogeomantic wisdom and techniques. Aula Mistérica also promotes pilgrimage, as well as demographic redistribution through rural repopulation with the Microcosmos Project for the creation of archaeo-futuristic settlements.

 Since 2003 he has lived and worked in intentional communities, ecovillages and permacultural projects. After 30 years living in the UK, he returned to Spain in 2020 where he currently resides.

 Since reading The Doors of Perception (Aldous Huxley) at the age of 11, he has dived endlessly into the esoteric traditions of the world. He has been a practitioner of Theurgy and Vipassana meditation for three decades. In 2009 he received a Certificate in Permaculture Design (Permaculture Association UK) and in 2020 he completed a Masters in Forest Bioeconomics (UCLM). He formulated the concept of Astrogeomancy in 2011 and has been teaching internationally ever since. 

He has extensive experience as an eco-builder specialised in passivhaus techniques, as well as sacred ponds and labyrinth construction. Has worked as a photographer and graphic designer. In 2012 he lectured on Tolkien's work at Loughborough University. He is now writing a book that explores the prehistoric roots of the Camino de Santiago and a Manual of Applied Astrogeomancy. His great passion is music, to which he occasionally devotes himself professionally.

Astrogeomancy 's results are notorious for the harmonisation and spiritualization of spaces at any scale. But there is much more to astrogeomancy than just this landing page. The one and only Astrogeomantic Blog in the world offers you in-depth articles.

Tuition - Astrogeomancy Courses

All prices are in USD

Weekend Initiation Course           

22+ hours of tuition. Includes 3 meals a day, refreshments and all course materials. Students need to bring a basic geometry set and ideally a laptop or tablet. One outdoors Starwalks session. Laying out the foundation for an astrogeomantic structure. Places limited to 12 participants.


7-day Deep Immersion Course

50+ hours of tuition. Includes 3 meals a day, refreshments and all course materials. Students need to bring a basic geometry set and ideally a laptop or tablet. Two outdoors Starwalks sessions. Building work on two astrogeomantic structures. Ritual and celebration. Places limited to 12 participants.


  • Meals are included in tuition cost. You will be allowed to put a tent during the course days. Other lodging options available, see Lodging section in this page.
  • Ask us about Scholarships. 
  • Ask us about Local's Rates.

Who are these Courses for?

Artists, Architects, Eco-builders, Farmers, Philosophers, Community Designers, Developers, Permaculture Designers, Mystics, Landowners, Interior Designers, Musicians and Archaeologists will find these courses particularly useful. But they will potentially benefit anyone who is passionate about improving and harmonising their living spaces, the food they eat, and their inner spiritual space. As well as finding out about humankind's forgotten past and its relevance for the present and future.

About Vilcabamba

Vilcabamba is a warm valley located in the Southern Andes of Ecuador. The valley has a year-round spring weather. During the dry season, when the courses and Inti Raymi events will take place, the skies are unforgettably starry.

Vilcabamba is a friendly welcoming place with an international community, a hub of talented creative types and alternative lifestyle, with spectacular landscapes and a magical feel to it.

Finca Sagrada, June 21, 2024

The Solstice Celebration

Inti Raymi, or Summer Solstice, is a common celebration among First Nations in South America to honor the Earth and its living creatures. As in previous years, Finca Sagrada will host in 2024 an encounter to celebrate the Inti Raymi and to thank for the gift of Life. This year the Lunistice cycle is peaking and the Full Moon is synchronised with the Solstice bringing about intense energies. Plan your dates in Finca Sagrada to join us for this powerful event!


1. What background is required to take these courses?

None. This course will start from the beginning.

2. What other costs does taking the course have?

All meals are included in the cost of tuition, and you have the right to set up your own teng. If you want other more comfortable lodging options check them out in the Lodging section of the Starseeders Encounter page.

3. What is the Starseeders enconter?

It is the way we refer to the Summer period in Finca Sagrada, when we will have dicussions, ceremonies, Discussion panels and other courses & workshops.

4. Is Ecuador safe?

Ecuador has been on the news lately for the social convulsion caused by the Government's decision to end the wave of crime that started recently. The results of this campaign are already visible, as more than 500 criminals have been jailed. Even during the worst days of this conflict, Vilcabamba has remained a peaceful area, as many rural areas in Ecuador.

Finca Sagrada,  July 7-13, 2024

Biodynamic Farm Workshop

This six-day workshop will complement the Astrogeomancy courses but can be taken separately. You will experience how the members of the Finca Sagrada community steward this sacred site, combining ancient indigenous traditions with modern esoteric knowledge that lead to practical solutions. The workshop will center around biodynamic farming. You will learn how to build vibrant soils that will grow healthy food, and practices such as bio-char, tea sprays and bacterial inoculations, as well as lectures on biodynamic principles. These principles include the biodynamic preparations that open the soil to the spiritual formative forces of the stars and planets, working with the planting calendar, based on the moon moving through the constellations of the zodiac and working with the elemental and nature spirits of the landscape.

The Starseeders Encounter

It is the name of the summer months in Finca Sagrada, a time with workshops, courses, cremonies, discussions, live music and much more! More info here

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