Visitors & Farm Experiences

Where ever you arrive from, the land will let you know if this is a place to spend more time. Picture a life honoring paradise, a Biodynamic Farm, hugged by a beautiful river and a creek with crystalline waters, warmed year around by the sun and the fire in the spirit house.  A place where a constant gentle breeze clears and refreshes our every pore. Imagine a multigenerational and multicultural community that strives to live in harmony within ourselves each other and the world, breathing, laughing and expanding our inner and outer strength in every moment. 

What can I do and how can I Be while at Finca Sagrada?

Connecting and dancing with the 4 elements, the elemental spirits and self through silence is a gentle way to land here at the finca.  Helping care for the plants and animals invites you to embody the alive and vibrant spirit of the land. Farming is a big part of the action with endless walking trails of many types and levels of challenges to see and experience the land and surrounding area. Quieter activities such as meditating or drumming at the House of Original Thought is food for the soul. We have hi speed wifi to connect to the rest of the world.  Through osmosis the work you do becomes deeply infused with the unity consciousness of love. The magical spirit of the finca flows in your every breath informing and empowering your soul to give in your out breath, exemplifying the embodiment of reciprocity and stewardship.  We are inspired and this ripples and expands in our communications with the world. Being unity is limitless in its expression.    

Where will I sleep?

You have three options: (1) Mountain view-  a warm and spacious room with a king size bed (pic) Or (2) Susan's Garden view-  a bright and cozy room in the community house, or (3) Forest Nook - a walk-in tent nestled in a canopy of trees


Mountain view room $40/day SGL $60/day DBL

Susan's Garden view room $30/day SGL $50/day DBL

Forest Nook Tent $20/day SGL $35/day DBL

Prices include all meals. Ecuadorians add 12% tax.